Does the State Own Your Body?

The Washington State Department of Health is engaged in a massive sweep to take away the choice for alternative health care from the citizens it "serves." It is attacking and prosecuting physicians, dentists, PhD's and, in fact, all medical and non-medical practitioners who use safe alternative treatments for patients who freely request them.

Now Washington's Governor, Christine Gregoire, has ordered a performance audit of the Washington State Department of Health to uncover and root out any improper prosecution and influence.

Will her "audit" end up as a sham and a cover-up? Or will the State continue to systematically remove your access to safe alternatives one-by one with impunity?

To make sure this doesn't happen, our Mercury Awareness Team of Washington has sent a list of questions* to auditor, Brian Sonntag that need to be answered during the Washington Department of Health performance audit.

*(For more detailed information, see this letter)*

How You Can Help

Here's how you can make sure Governor Gregoire applies the law & extricates any special interest group from influencing Washington's Department of Health:

Below are links to Washington State leaders & text for Washington residents & out-of-state residents .

Did you know that 1 letter = 1000 voices

Choose your text for Washington Resident or Out-of-State Resident.

WA Resident Copy/Paste Text:

I support Health Freedom in Washington state. The choice of how to care for my body is a right of choice that belongs to me. Please uphold that choice for me! I vote my convictions and I support candidates who uphold my rights.

Please report back to me your position on my freedom to choose any type of health care I need, whether "mainstream" or "alternative." Once the state auditor's Washington Department of Health performance audit is completed, please e-mail to me the full report along with the auditor's answers to the questions raised in the August 16, 2006 letter to State Auditor, Brian Sonntag, from Ann Clifton of the Mercury Awareness Team of Washington. In the meantime, I look forward to reading or hearing your plan for representing my right to choose alternative care.


To find your WA State Legislator's e-mail

Mary Selecky, WA Secretary of Health

Christine Gregoire, Governor WA State

Out-of-State Copy/Paste text:

I am a health freedom advocate and/or I have family or friends in Washington State. I support health freedom in Washington State and all other states. Washington's Department of Health should be held accountable for not complying with the statutes through which the Washington State legislature has given its citizens the right to access the health care of their choice and licensed and unlicensed professionals the right to offer alternative care.


Mary Selecky, WA Secretary of Health

Christine Gregoire, Governor WA State

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